Friday, April 24, 2009

To illustrate or not to illustrate? (Because who couldn't use a Shakespearean cliche?)

I've written a passable short story about a tattooed man who joins a sideshow and has all kinds of crazy fun.* I love graphic novels, and I think this would make an amazing one, but I can barely draw a recognizable stick figure. This means finding someone who can draw, who is willing to collaborate, and who I can get a long with (I'm a total pain in the ass).

It wouldn't hurt to find someone who knows a thing or two about graphic novels and comic books. I've only just started studying them, and the design elements are overwhelming. (I recommend Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art and Making Comics: Storytelling Secrets of Comics, Manga, and Graphic Novels, as well as Will Eisner's Graphic Storytelling and Visual Narrative.)

This also has me wondering whether the novel I'm working on would be better as a comic series. It's very episodic. Hmm.

*Self-hatred, sex, pain... the usual fun.

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